BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Base Category Reopened

by Mansi Sahai Published on 19/Jul/2022
BC PNP Entrepreneur Program

An updated version of BC PNP's Entrepreneur Immigration Base Category has reopened on July 13, 2022.

The province has ended the temporary pause implemented to BC PNP's Entrepreneur Immigration Base category. It's now open for new registrations from international entrepreneurs and business people.

After a pause of 1 year, the E.I. Base category is finally open for new registrations with a few changes to align better with British Columbia's economic recovery plans and the particular needs of participating communities.

To support the strategic priorities, BC PNP is expected to issue targeted invitations based on the following factors:

  • candidate's registration score
  • proposed business location or specific region to establish a business
  • business sector
  • whether the business is a purchase of an existing business or a start-up
  • community population size in which the applicant is proposing to establish a business
  • Whether the business proposal aligns with identified business sectors (priority)

British Columbia government also issued an official statement on its page, i.e., "We will continue to periodically conduct draws for high scoring entrepreneurs who have qualified for the registration pool.

BC PNP E.I. Base Category: Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the base category, you must meet personal, business, investment and job requirements.

For personal requirements, you must have:

  • the net worth of minimum CAD$600,000
  • prior experience in business and management or a 2-year post-secondary diploma
  • English or French language skills equivalent to at least CLB level 4
  • been admitted in the country lawfully where you are currently living
  • have, or qualify for legal Canadian immigration status

For business, job or investment requirements, you must:

  • establish a new business or purchase an existing business
  • make a personal investment of a minimum CAD$200,000 in your business

create a minimum of one full-time job for a citizen or permanent resident of Canada

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