Canada's International Students Continues to Grow

by Mansi Sahai Published on 08/Aug/2022
Canada's International Students Continues to Grow

The number of international students visiting Canada for higher education continues to grow with each passing year. Most of them also manage to stay in Canada after finishing their study program.

Please note that approval of their Canada study permit is at the discretion of the Canadian visa officer. 

Last year, Canada welcomed over 400,000 international students and majority of them were from India, France, Nigeria, South Korea, China, Japan, the USA, Iran, Vietnam, and Brazil.

In fact, in 2019, the Canadian government had also launched "Building On Success", Canada's new International Education Strategy (IES) and has a budget of approximately $147.9 million dollars towards this program over the next 5 years.

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Here are the essential steps of the Canada student visa application process:

Choose a Canadian Study Program- The study program you choose is one of the essential factors of your application. Presenting a strong reason for studying a particular program in Canada is a must and it should match with your educational and professional history.

Apply for Admission- Once you decide a study program, you must prepare and submit your admission application and obtain a letter of acceptance obtained from a Canadian DLI, i.e., Designated Learning Institution before applying for a Canada study permit.

Apply for Canadian Study Permit- Once you get an acceptance letter from a DLI, you’ll qualify to apply for Canada student visa. You must gather the supporting documents and submit your final application along with required fee to the Canadian immigration authority.

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