Understanding ECA for Canadian Immigration

by Mansi Sahai Published on 16/Aug/2022
ECA for Canadian Immigration

An Educational credential assessment is required to prove that your degree, diploma, certificate or any other credential proof you have obtained outside of Canada is valid and equivalent to a Canadian high school or post-secondary credential.

While applying for Canada PR, an applicant must include an ECA report and the reference number online in their Express Entry profile.

ECA for Express Entry

If you have finished education outside of Canada, you need to get an assessment to:

  • Qualify as a primary applicant under Federal Skilled Workers Program


  • Claim Comprehensive Ranking System points for your foreign education

Please note that you don’t require an ECA for the education you have obtained in Canada.

Additionally, suppose your spouse or common-law partner is accompanying you to Canada and has completed post-secondary education. In that case, you may submit their ECA as well to gain additional CRS points.

Credential Level to be Assessed

As an applicant, you must get an assessment done for the highest level of education you have completed. For instance, if you hold a Master’s degree, you need an assessment only for that particular degree. There is no need to get an evaluation for your Bachelor’s degree.

Whereas, if you wish to earn points for two or more credentials, you must submit an ECA report for each separately. Also, to gain total points for more than one educational credential, at least 1 of your degree or diploma has to be for a minimum of 3 years or more.

In case your post-secondary educational credential is not equivalent to a Canadian one. You may get an assessment done for your secondary educational credential and gain points for finishing secondary school.

Following are the designated organizations by the IRCC:

  • World Education Services
  • Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
  • International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
  • International Credential Evaluation Service 

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