Yukon & Federal Government announced a Joint investment of $1.95 million to support Yukon tourism sector

by Mansi Sahai Published on 14/Jul/2022
Yukon tourism

As part of celebrating the spirit of National Tourism Week, a group of Federal and provincial ministers of Yukon announced a joint investment of $1.95 million for the Yukon Elevate Tourism Program (Elevate) with a further investment of $25,000 from the TIA (Tourism Industry Association) of the Yukon. Here is the list of ministers present during the annoucnemnt:

  • Federal Minister of Northern Affairs, PrairiesCan and CanNor Daniel Vandal,
  • Yukon Minister of Economic Development and Tourism and Culture Ranj Pillai, and
  • Member of Parliament for Yukon Brendan Hanley,

The total budget of this 2-year project is over $1.9 million. The purpose of Raise is to support tourism owners and operators as they acclimatize and develop beyond the pandemic. The Tourism Industry Association of Yukon shall manage and run this. It has been designed and delivered via a unique partnership between following entities:

  • Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism Association and
  • The Wilderness Tourism Association of Yukon.

This tactic makes certain that the needs of Indigenous, wilderness operators are applied, and that the whole sector can access these funds. 

As Canada continues to move towards a viable approach to pandemic-related travel requirements, this investment backs product and business adaptations. Until now, the program has allowed over 40 owners and operators to encounter these new measures or adjust to changing opportunities.

This investment shows that the federal and Yukon’s continuing support of the tourism sector and local businesses. Via collaboration with the Tourism Industry Association of Yukon, Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism Association and the Wilderness Tourism Association of Yukon, the government is working to best support the Yukon’s tourism sector to make certain they can acclimatise, develop and prosper.

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