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CAN NEWS is a leading website for Canada Immigration news and information. It is owned and managed by Visas Avenue- one of India's leading, accredited Immigration Consultancy companies that every year help thousands of aspiring individuals and families fulfil their immigration dreams, since 2013.

Since CAN NEWS is a segment of Visas Avenue Private Limited, therefore, the Team of Visas Avenue Pvt. Ltd. (www.visasavenue.com) will handle any query received on this website. As a prominent Canadian immigration news website, CAN NEWS aims to provide the latest analysis and updates to help readers better understand Canada's immigration landscape.

The CAN NEWS attempts to provide the latest Canadian immigration updates and analysis to help prospective immigrants and readers, in general, better understand the scenario.

We are widely recognized as one of the leading sources of information for Canadian immigration. We are your go-to source for the latest updates like, recent and upcoming Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program draws, announcements for temporary and permanent immigration programs, and other significant Canadian immigration developments.

Our team of immigration experts and researchers regularly updates the news section. The team comprises of professionals with thorough knowledge of Canadian immigration laws, policies and programs. Together, they intend to produce factual and engaging news articles.

The writers at CAN NEWS specialize in areas like Canada's economic class, family class and business class immigration, study permits, tourist visas and more.

Our Goal

Canadian immigration rules and regulations are complex, and to qualify, an individual must present their case properly to the visa officer authorized to grant or deny their application.

Therefore, at CAN NEWS, our primary goal is to provide a rightful insight into Canadian immigration developments. Our job is to help you get all the updates at the right time, i.e., Unadulterated, Unbiased and Understandable.