Privacy Policy

CAN IMMIGRATION NEWS is entirely owned and managed by Visas Avenue- one of India's leading, accredited Immigration Consultancy companies.

CAN IMMIGRATION NEWS understands the importance of an individual's personal information and details. We are committed to protect all the private information of each reader collected from our news website through the subscription, registration, newsletter, assessment form etc.   

We want our visitors and readers to feel safe and secure while submitting their details online thus we have kept our system completely encrypted.

Our Privacy Policy outlines the commitment to the privacy of all our readers and visitors. The Privacy Policy also describes when, why and how CAN NEWS collects your personal data in a safe and secure manner. 

Use of CAN IMMIGRATION NEWS Internet site is subject to the following:

Collecting Personal Data

Contact Details

You have an option to subscribe to CAN IMMIGRATION NEWS by submitting your personal contact details, which are securely stored in our data centre within India so that we can respond to any of your concerns and requests. 

Personal Data

For all the visitors visiting CAN IMMIGRATION NEWS, our server captures anonymous data automatically like their IP address, but does not capture any identifiable data like their email address.

The personal data collected for Free Profile Assessment form is for the purpose of assessing their eligibility to migrate to Canada under key Canadian immigration programs. Any personal information submitted in that form is not sold, or transferred, to any third-party source without their consent. After submitting their Canada Immigration Eligibility Form, they can expect assessment results to be delivered to an email address they have provided to CAN IMMIGRATION NEWS within 24 hours. 

Website Cookies

When a visitor visits CAN NEWS, we may assign one or more cookies to visitor's device to facilitate easy access to CAN NEWS and to personalize their online experience.

The CAN NEWS Newsletter

Our Newsletter is a web-based news publication, which is distributed and delivered electronically directly to a reader's inbox. They may access it directly on Once a reader opts to receive the CAN IMMIGRATION NEWS Newsletter, they provide a consent to the delivery of emails concerning Canadian immigration related topics. Their email address, and any other personal information provided to us, will never be disclosed to any third-party without their consent.