Additional $6 Million Funding for Newcomer Women Finding Employment

by Mansi Sahai Published on 07/Jan/2023

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently announced approximately $6 million funds for 10 projects aiming to help newcomer women find employment in Canada. 

All 10 projects are managed under the Racialized Women Newcomers Pilot Program, which was started in 2018.

Canada immigration minister Sean Fraser also stated, “Racialized newcomer women face significant challenges in entering the workforce. This isn’t just about getting women jobs, it’s also about providing a sense of dignity and belonging. This support is integrated within the work the Government of Canada is doing to prevent and end gender-based violence by ensuring that gender equality is supported across all sectors. Canada’s gender equality is for all women.”

Following were the highlights of the latest announcement made on December 9 in Halifex:

  • Projects are aiming to end gender-based violence toward newcomer women
  • Create awareness among victims of gender-based violence at workplace
  • Capacity building among frontline workers in settlement sector to better respond to gender-based violence situations
  • Provide training, and resources to help the victims respond efficiently
  • Develop a common knowledge across the settlement sector base on gender-based violence
  • Create programs to educate newcomers on the services and resources available in rural areas and smaller cities across Canada

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