Alberta invites 121 candidates in new AAIP draws CRS drops to 307

by Rajneesh Kumar Published on 26/Apr/2023
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In first half of April 2023, Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) conducted two draws for its Express Entry stream. The draws were held on April 5 and April 18, 2023, and a total of 121 Notifications of Interest (NOIs) were issued to eligible applicants. Find out more:

  • On April 18, the AAIP- Express Entry stream draw issued 68 invitations with a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of just 307 points or above. This is a reasonably low CRS score requirement, which means that more applicants with lower CRS scores were able to get NOIs in this latest draw.
  • On April 5, the Alberta PNP issued 53 NOIs to the candidates with a CRS points requirement of 351 points or higher.

Date of draw

Number of Notification of Interest letters sent

Draw parameters

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of lowest ranked candidate who received a Notification of Interest letter

April 18, 2023


Sector priority - Agriculture occupation with Alberta job offer, CRS score 300-700


April 5, 2023


Designated Healthcare Pathway, Alberta job offer, CRS score 300-600






The Alberta PNP is an significant pathway for skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Alberta and contribute to the province's economic growth and development. Successful applicants who get provincial nomination through the AAIP can apply for Canadian permanent residency.

It's essential to note that getting a Notification of Interest (NOI) from the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) doesn’t promise a provincial nomination or permanent residency. The candidates also require meeting the eligibility requirements of the AAIP and the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The AAIP invites, assess and nominate the skilled worker applicants even with the lowest of CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score. Moreover, the applicants who are nominated by the Alberta PNP via the Alberta Express Entry Stream will get an additional 600 CRS Points in their Express Entry account, which will ultimately ensures an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) Visa in a subsequent Express Entry draw.


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