Alberta PNP has Received Nomination Allocation for the year 2023

by Rajneesh Kumar Published on 03/Apr/2023
Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

Alberta, Canada has received an allocation of 9,750 nomination certificates from IRCC under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) for the year 2023. This allocation is for both the Express Entry and non-Express Entry pathways, however, it is subject to change at any time of the year.

It is expected that there will be considerable rise in the nomination allocations in the years to come. For instance, in 2024 and 2025, there are projected surges of over 10,000 nomination allocations per year.

Alberta Nomination allocation 2023

Alberta's Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), i.e. the AAIP, has received 4,875 nominations for both the Express Entry and Non-Express Entry streams for the year 2023 from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). 

To be considered for a nomination, applicants need fulfil eligibility requirements and show a commitment to living and working in Alberta. The program has been effective in terms of bringing highly skilled workers to the province, helping to drive economic development and create new opportunities for Albertans.

2023 summary of allocations

Expected allocation

Non-Express Entry Streams – Allocations 4,875

Alberta Opportunity Stream


Rural Renewal Stream


All (4) Entrepreneur streams


Express Entry Stream and Pathways – Allocations 4,875

Family Connection and Occupation in Demand


Accelerated Tech Pathway


Sector Priorities (that is, health care, construction, agriculture, hospitality and tourism)


Total allocations:


The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) is designed to lure skilled and talented workers and entrepreneurs to Alberta. It has two pathways: 

  • Express Entry pathway, which is for express entry candidates who are eligible for one of the economic immigration programs managed through the federal Express Entry system 
  • Non-Express Entry pathway, which is for candidates who don’t have express entry profile, but who have skills and experience that are in demand in Alberta.

In general, this allocation is good news for those who are looking to move to Canada through the AAIP. The greater than before allocation of nomination certificates over the upcoming years will offer more opportunities for skilled workers and entrepreneurs to make Alberta their new home.

The Alberta PNP- Express Entry stream is easiest Canada PR pathway, as it invites, assess and nominates the skilled worker applicants with relatively low CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score, i.e. as low as just 300 CRS points.

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