Apply for Canada Student Visa in 2023

by Mansi Sahai Published on 12/Dec/2022
Canada Student Visa in 2023

The number of international students who move to Canada to pursue higher education grows with every passing year. Most students choose to stay in Canada even after completing their studies by applying for a work permit or permanent residence visa.

If you are also willing to move to Canada as an international student, read further!

Prepare to study at a top Canadian college or university

Suppose you wish to become a part of Canada's leading educational institutions and avail world-class education. In that case, you must apply for admission, followed by applying for a study permit.

Choose a study program and school

Each Canadian province and territory manage its education system and has its own admission rules and requirements. However, as an international student, you must enrol at Provinces and territories approved schools, called Designated Learning Institutions (DLI). All primary and secondary Canadian schools are DLIs.

Apply for admission at a university, college or school

Once you select a desired college or university and a course, you can apply for admission. As mentioned, each one has different admission criteria and processes. 

As an interested applicant, you must ensure that you apply for admission at least:

-6 months in advance for a primary or secondary school, and

-12 months in advance for a post-secondary study program at a Canadian university or college

Get a Letter of Acceptance from DLI

To apply for a study permit in Canada, you must get an acceptance letter from an approved DLI; otherwise, your application will be refused.  The acceptance letter should outline the study program, courses or sessions, institution name, type and location. 

Apply for a Canadian Study Permit

Prepare your study permit application 

Once you obtain an acceptance letter from DLI, you should start preparing your study permit application. You must gather all the supporting documents to prove:

  • Your intentions of studying in Canada
  • your ability to financially support yourself and any accompanying family member in Canada
  • Your eligibility to apply for study permit
  • Your educational and professional background

Gather required documents 

The documents required may vary depending upon your home country. However, the following are the essential documents for study permit that everyone needs irrespective of their country of residence:

  • Acceptance Letter from DLI
  • Proof of Financial Support (Guaranteed Investment Certificate, evidence of an education loan)
  • Identity proof (valid passport or travel document, two recent passport-size photographs)
  • Explanation letter to explain why you wish to study in Canada and you understood the responsibilities attached to it
  • Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (if want to study in Quebec)
  • Additional documents as requested based on the country of residence 

Submit Study Permit Application

Once you gather all the supporting documents, you must submit your final and complete application online or via a paper-based process to a specific visa application centre. The overall processing may differ from country to country, and it may take a few weeks or months.

Prepare to travel to Canada

Once you get a study permit approval from the IRCC, you will receive a Letter of Introduction at Canada's PoE (Port of Entry) along with a travel visa (if required). Both the documents authorize a person to travel to Canada and get their study permit.

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