Canada Immigration: Importance of IELTS for Canada PR

by Mansi Sahai Published on 14/Oct/2022
Ielts Scores

To prove your English or French language skills is an integral part of your process to apply for Canada PR.  Your IELTS score or score of any other accepted English language test is required for almost all the economic class immigration programs in Canada. 

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most popular and globally accepted English proficiency test. It is designed to help people study, work, or migrate to a country where the native language is English. In fact, an IELTS report is one of the most crucial parts of your Canadian immigration file and a good score can drastically improve your chances of obtaining ITA for Canada PR.

Obtaining Higher IELTS Scores

By obtaining a higher CLB score can make a huge difference in your overall CRS score under Express Entry.  Combined with other factors, like age, education, work experience, etc. a slight hike in your language score can result in a boost of up to 100 CRS points.

IELTS Training- An Important Aspect

A little improvement in your IELTS score can help you get closer to minimum CRS score requirements as per individual Express Entry draw for receiving an invitation to apply for Canada permanent residence visa. You can take online IELTS coaching and prepare better to score higher points in all four abilities, including, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

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