Canada is calling trained physicians as healthcare system faces shortage

by Mansi Sahai Published on 21/Sep/2022
Trained physicians in canada

The Canadian Medical Association is demanding a national licensing pathway for physicians  and a few provinces are on-board with the authority.

On this matter, Canadian Medical Association's President, Dr. Katharine Smart stated, "As per the current system, each Canadian province has its unique licensing system, which is quite confusing and sometimes bureaucratically cumbersome, specially for trained physicians outside of Canada."

She further stated, "A national physician licence could provide a single, streamlined process for verifying the credentials of internationally trained doctors." 

It's right time to move to Canada as a doctor

Physicians are always in huge demand across Canada and to fill the shortages, the government of Canada offers different federal and provincial pathways for trained Physicians who wish to move to Canada permanently.

To practice as  physician in Canada, a foreign trained doctor must obtain an approved medical degree from an educational institution listed on World Directory of Medical schools.

Also, foreign trained physicians must get their credentials verified by the MCC (Medical Council of Canada) to obtain an Education Credential Assessment report. Once their transcripts and degree are verified, they must get an ECA report from

Upon becoming a permanent resident of Canada, they may take all the required training and tests for Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC).

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