Canada to increase immigration levels over next three years

by Mansi Sahai Published on 10/Jul/2022
Canada to increase immigration levels over next three years

Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) targets to welcome an increased number of new comers in the upcoming years.

Canada s immigration levels plan

As per Canada s immigration level plan, number of immigrants hopes to accept a large number of permanent residents over the next three years, via different federal and provincial programs.

 2022 Target2023 Target2024 Target
Updated Overall Planned PR Admissions431,645447,055451,000
Old Overall Planned PR Admissions 411,000 421,000 N/A

Lately, the Canadian government has updated the 2022 target for economic immigrants from 241,500 to 241,850.

In a span of three years, 57% of applicants will be welcomed under Canada s economic class immigration, i.e., more than 240,000 new permanent residents annually.

What is an immigration levels plan?

IRCC uses the an Immigration Levels Plan as a guide to decide the total number of permanent residents the country will aim to welcome. A plan also indicates under which categories the permanent residents will be welcomed.

Since 1980s, Canadian government has been inviting over 200,000 new comers, and the number increased to more than 300,000 yearly after the pandemic.

Since 2021, the target further increased to more than 400,000 immigrants yearly, which is nearly 1.1% of Canada’s overall population.

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