Canadian PNPs to develop a multi-year immigration allocation plan

by Mansi Sahai Published on 05/Aug/2022
Canadian immigration ministers agree on multi-year PNP levels plan

Canadian PNPs play a vital role in spreading the immigration benefits to Canada's smaller, remote and rural communities and meeting labour market needs across Canada.

Recently, Canada’s provincial and federal immigration ministers met to discuss about creating a more competent and collaborative Canadian immigration system. 

Among the key topics, Provincial Nominee Program allocations was a primary one between the federal and provincial governments. They are planning to develop a multi-year nomination allocation plan for Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) by March 2023. The total number of nominations to be allocated to each Canadian province will majorly depend on the economic opportunities and settlement capacity.

The government of Canada sets its immigration level targets for PR visas based on a three-year plan. Presently, yearly provincial nomination allocations are set. But the ministers have agreed together to create a multi-year provincial plan, similar to Canada's current federal plan, by 31st March 2023.

In an opening statement, Minister Arlene Dunn said, “Through our discussions today we reiterated our position that provinces and territories understand their respective labour market priorities and are therefore best suited to select newcomers who are admitted as economic immigrants to support immigration in our respective provinces and territories. We have received a commitment to collaborate on multi-year provincial nominee program allocations including receiving increases through the provincial nominee program by March 31st, 2023.”

Multi-year immigration levels plan to be announced by November 1, 2022

The PNP levels will also be a part of Canada's multi-year immigration levels plan slated to be announced by the November 1, 2022. 

Currently, for the next three years, the total number of admissions via PNPs is 262,500. This accounts for nearly a third of all Canadian economic immigration admission targets. However, Immigration Minister Fraser is hoping to increase the overall PNP targets in the upcoming Immigration Levels Plan.

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