Fraser Announced New Online Services Across Canadian Immigration System

by Mansi Sahai Published on 05/Sep/2022
Fraser Announced New Online Services

As per the latest news release on September 1, 2022, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is taking steps toward modernization and digitalization of Canadian immigration system.

The Immigration Minister, Hon. Sean Fraser visited IRCC's application processing centre located in New Waterford, Nova Scotia to announce new measures to further expedite application processing, reduce backlogs and improve newcomers' experience. 

Following measures were announced as of September 1, 2022:

To further reduce waiting time-

  • IRCC will recruitment additional 1,250 employees to tackle application backlogs and improve processing capacity.
  • Fraser will further exempt temporary and permanent residence applicants from the immigration medical examination if they are already living in Canada and meet specific criteria.
  • IRCC will provide spousal sponsorship applicants with enhanced flexibility by offering virtual interviews where possible. Moreover, the authorities will expand the virtual interviews availability at overseas offices.

To expand online applications for permanent residence-

  • IRCC will take measures to modernize service delivery process for all permanent immigration programs. 
  • Fraser announced an expansion of access to online application portal for applicants under majority of permanent immigration programs. 
  • IRCC will start transition to 100% digital applications for majority of its permanent immigration programs w.e.f. September 23.

To provide better information to customers-

  • IRCC will expand its new application status tracker and will include additional 7 permanent and temporary immigration programs. 
  • IRCC will also expand its new citizenship application status tracker for applicants, which was released in May 2021 to include access to all the representatives.
  • IRCC will further improve its online processing times tool for providing more accurate details and information. Also, the IRCC will start publishing forward-looking estimates to help applicants know how long it'll take to process their application.

To modernize Canadian citizenship program-

  • IRCC will expand its new online citizenship application submission tool to allow a certain groups of adults to submit their applications together. 
  • IRCC is also planning to expand its tool to allow online application submission for minors ( under 18 years) by the end of 2022.
  • IRCC will keep finding new ways to further modernize and digitalize Canadian immigration system, and offer the best experience to all the newcomers and applicants. 

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