How to Apply for Canada PR via Express Entry in 2022?

by Mansi Sahai Published on 13/Sep/2022
Canada PR via Express Entry

Since the launch of Express Entry System in January 2015, it has consistently been the most popular and fastest pathway to Canadian permanent residency for skilled foreign nationals. The Express Entry is an application management system designed by the IRCC to organize and process permanent resident applications from skilled individuals who wish to move to Canada by obtaining Canada PR visa.

How to get started with Canada's Express Entry System

To begin with, you must first discover your eligibility for Canadian immigration.

If found eligible for Express Entry, you can start the process by submitting your profile for which you need to meet language skills, education and skilled work experience criteria. It is a mandatory requirement to qualify and enter the pool of candidates under any one of the three programs managed under Express Entry, which includes:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

After submitting your profile and entering the pool of candidates, you'll be assessed and awarded with a score and a ranking based on different factors using Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). 

At this stage, all the highest ranking candidates receive their invitations to apply (ITAs) for Canadian permanent residence visa, which qualifies them to submit an eAPR, i.e. electronic Application for Permanent Residence to the IRCC along with supporting documents for Canada PR. These documents includes reference letters, identity documents, medical examination and police clearance certificates, proof of funds, etc. 

Is there a job offer required to qualify for Express Entry?

The best part of choosing Express Entry pathway is its "no mandatory job offer requirement". There are a lot of candidates who do not have a prior job offer from a Canadian employer and for them Express Entry is indeed an ideal option.

As a skilled foreign national, an individual may choose to apply under Federal Skilled Worker Program of Express Entry and his work experience gained abroad will be considered as valid if he/she meet the criteria mentioned above.

Factors that can help improve your CRS scores

By improving your overall CRS scores you can drastically boost your chances of obtaining an Invitation to apply for Canadian PR through Express Entry. 

Following are the top ways to improve your CRS scores:

  • Re-take language proficiency test in English or/and French to score CLB 9 or CLB 10
  • Claim points for French and English both
  • Get a Master’s or Ph.D. degree
  • Get Canadian education 
  • Claim points for relatives living in Canada (if any)
  • Get a provincial nomination from a Canadian province 

Processing time for Express Entry

It approximately takes around 6-12 months time for the entire process, i.e. right from profile assessment and application filing to receiving ITA and getting visa approval. Whereas, once you get an ITA, it takes only 4-6 months time to process the complete application. 

Even if you are not invited, your profile remain active in the pool for up to 12 months and if you are selected during that time, you are always welcome by the IRCC to resubmit the profile and stay in the pool.

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