How to increase my CRS points for a Canadian PR?

by Mansi Sahai Published on 21/Oct/2022
increase my CRS points

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by most of the Canada immigration applicants who wish to move to Canada as permanent residents. The key reason behind the question being asked by the applicants is recent CRS score requirement, ranging between 520-500 points. 

However, in the most recent EE draw, IRCC decreased the CRS score requirement by 4-points, which has been the lowest minimum score since IRCC resumed all program draws in July.

Still, in order to get high ranking, you must strive towards scoring high for upcoming invitation rounds and that can be achieved by working upon the key selection factors for Canada PR Express Entry.

So, those who are looking for different ways to improve their CRS score to obtain an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR from the IRCC can go through the tips listed below.

Tips to improve Comprehensive Ranking Score for Canada's Express Entry Program:

Retake your English or French language test

Under Express Entry, an applicant is required to score minimum CLB 7 in Primary Language test, i.e. English. However, an applicant can further increase the points in IELTS exam or any other IRCC recognized English language test to get higher points for language proficiency. For this, you must sit for IELTS again and try to score more points.

Gain Relevant Work Experience

If you are already working outside Canada and your work experience is less than three years of full-time job, then the idea is to keep working. More points are available if an applicant's work experience is more than 6 years. 

Apply in Provincial Nominee Programs

You can score 600 additional points towards your CRS score and get an assurance to obtain an ITA by IRCC if you choose to apply under an Express Entry Stream of a Provincial Nominee Program. If you are selected for a Provincial Nomination from any Canadian province of your choice through its Express Entry aligned stream, then there is no stopping in moving to Canada as a permanent resident.

You must follow the process of Canada PR Visa through PNP as all the provinces follows a unique immigration program of their own to select eligible candidates for provincial nomination for Canada PR.

Complete Higher Education

This is indeed a long-term strategy through which you can certainly improve your CRS score. Regardless, with higher education, you can obtain much higher score in the Comprehensive Ranking Score system. 

To maximize your points, you can complete two or more post-secondary diplomas or degrees, and one has to be for the duration of three-years or more.

Your Spouse or Partner as a Primary Applicant

Sometimes, an applicant's spouse or common law partner can earn more points on the basis of their credentials. In such scenarios, it is highly advisable to make your spouse or common law partner a primary applicant to improve or increase your total point score.

So, in order to meet the eligibility requirements of Express Entry or PNP, you must the follow the exact process of Canada PR Visa and work upon the said factors, so that you can considerably improve or increase you CRS points and your chances to obtain a Canadian PR. 

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