Immigrate to Canada: Improve your Express Entry CRS scores

by Mansi Sahai Published on 25/Aug/2022
Improve your Express Entry Score

Canada's Express Entry system is responsible for managing the profiles of immigration candidates under three main economic immigration programs, including Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class and Canadian Experience Class.

If you are religiously following the latest Federal Express Entry draws, you must be aware of the prevailing CRS score trend.

Are your scores not high enough, and are you eager to give yourself a chance for improvement? Then, you may go through the top ways to increase your overall CRS score:

Improve your language score

One of the fastest ways to drastically increase your CRS score is to get a high IELTS score. For example, if your score is CLB 7, then you can qualify, but with CLB 9 or 10, you can give a required boost to your overall CRS scores. So, if you haven't achieved CLB 9 or CLB 10, we highly propose you re-appear for your IELTS exam, for which you may take classroom or online language coaching.

Get yourself a degree

Even after reaching a CLB 9 or CB 10 for language ability, you may consider gaining a degree if your scores are low. However, you'll be glad to know you can get the maximum points with a PhD or Master's degree.

Also, a graduate degree in Canada can earn even more points as a Canadian degree has more weightage. There are a lot of top colleges and universities in Canada where you can apply for a study program of 1 or 2 years duration and get bonus points for a graduate degree.

Learn a second language 

You can garner additional points for your French language skill and give a boost to your CRS score. If you are fluent in both languages, i.e. English and French, you may claim points for both.

Get a provincial Nomination

Canada's Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are popular among aspiring immigrants. Each Canadian province and territory has its PNPs designed to allow provinces to select and nominate eligible candidates for nomination.

Provinces like Saskatchewan, Alberta or Ontario have exclusive Express Entry streams under which they select candidates even with CRS scores of as low as 300-400 points. All you need is to show that you are interested in moving to a Canadian province or territory. If any province finds you eligible, it'll send you a notification of interest (NOI). Upon receiving an NOI, you can apply for a provincial nomination, which can award you additional 600 points towards your overall CRS scores.

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