Immigrate to Canada with your Spouse

by Mansi Sahai Published on 14/Feb/2023

The Canadian government understands the importance of families being together. Thus, the country offers various pathways that allow you to move to Canada with your spouse.

One of the most popular Canadian immigration programs is the Federal Skilled Worker program (FSWP). The program is entirely managed by the Express Entry system and allows skilled foreign nationals to apply for Canada PR visa. 

To qualify under FSWP, an applicant doesn't need any prior Canadian experience or a job offer in hand. Thus, it is highly popular among aspiring international workers who are living outside of Canada. 

Above all, the FSWP allows you to include your spouse on your Express Entry profile, either as a secondary-applicant or as a dependent.

Apply as a secondary Express Entry Applicant

If you apply without your spouse, you can score up to additional 40 points. While by including your spouse as a secondary applicant, they can claim up to 40 points for the key factors, like:

  • Education Level: 10 points
  • Official language proficiency: 20 points
  • Canadian Work Experience: 10 points

Apply as a dependent

If you list your spouse as a dependent in your profile, then you must submit proof of funds to prove that you can financially support your spouse in Canada.

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