IRCC invites Public Opinions to shape up Canada's Immigration System for the Future

by Rajneesh Kumar Published on 27/Feb/2023
Canada's Immigration System for the Future

Canada is popular as a welcoming and friendly nation with a rich history of immigration. In last few decades, immigrants have played a vital role in constructing Canada's economy, diversity, and social presence. However, with things changing rapidly in Canada and around the globe, Canada's immigration system must also adapt to meet the evolving requirements of newcomers as well as Canadians. Hence, Canadian Immigration Sean Fraser on 23 February 2023 has announced the launch of an engagement initiative called "An Immigration System for Canada's Future."

The goal of this initiative is to discover how immigration policies and programs can best support Canada's common vision for the future. The engagement will comprise in-person dialogue sessions, thematic workshops, and a public survey, seeking input from a broad range of partners and stakeholders, including entire levels of government, businesses, academia, post-secondary institutions, settlement organizations, implicated sectors in Canada, and clients.

This measure is an important step towards creating a robust, more responsive immigration system that can harness the full potential of new immigrants and provide them with the best experience possible. Canada's present immigration system has already achieved extraordinary success in luring and integrating immigrants into its social and economic fabric. Find out some expectations from this latest engagement initiative:

  • As the world becomes multifarious, diverse, and interconnected, it is crucial to evolve the system to keep pace with the evolving needs and expectations of newcomers and society as a whole.
  • To attain this goal, the engagement initiative will explore critical issues related to immigration policy and programs, such as economic immigration, family reunification, refugee resettlement, settlement, and integration services, and the role of immigration in addressing demographic and labor market challenges.
  • The engagement initiative will also promote whole-of-society partnership, which is critical for building a more responsive and inclusive immigration system.
  • By engaging with partners and stakeholders from different sectors and communities, the initiative strive to make certain that the immigration system reflects the diversity of perspectives, experiences, and needs of newcomers and Canadian society as a whole.

The initial dialogue session, chaired by the Immigration Minister itself took place in Halifax, and it provided a platform for exchanging thoughts and discussing how Canada's immigration policies and programs can better support the requirements of communities from coast to coast. Now, it will continue throughout the spring, with in-person dialogue sessions, thematic workshops, and a public survey. All Canadians are being encouraged to participate in this process and contribute to the future of Canada's immigration system.

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