Nova Scotia 2022 Immigration Targets: Province is set to welcome more newcomers

by Aakash Published on 29/Jun/2022
Nova Scotia 2022 Immigration Targets: Province is set to welcome more newcomers

Nova Scotia to welcome more newcomers to support population growth, fill labour market gaps and deepen diversity across communities.

In a recent letter to the Minister of Labour, Skills and Immigration, the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canada) confirmed Nova Scotia s new immigration targets for 2022.

This year, the Province is expected to approve nearly 5,430 applications, compared to 3,857 in 2021, to move to Nova Scotia.

Minister Balser stated, “Nova Scotia is a special place, and we are excited that more and more people see a future for themselves and their families here.”

“Population growth is vital to our economic success. So we have been preparing for growth, working with employers, communities and settlement organizations to get ready for more people to call Nova Scotia home.”

Nova Scotia 2022 Allocations: For NSNP & Atlantic Immigration Program

  • a rise of 400 nomination spaces in the NSNP (Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program), i.e., 17% more compared to last year s allocations
  • a rise of 1,173 endorsement spaces in the AIP (Atlantic Immigration Program), 75% more compared to last year s allocations

Nova Scotia s economic immigration programs, i.e., the NSNP and the AIP, are available for those applicants who meet its employers labour market needs and want to move to the province permanently.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program will be offering immigration options for prospective immigrants based on their work experience, occupation and skills through 9 established streams.

Following people are not counted as part of Nova Scotia s new allocation:

  • Refugees
  • People arriving for Emergency Travel on the Canada-Ukraine Authorization

Budget for 2022-23 Allocation

  • Additional $1 Million - For immigration and population growth, marketing campaigns
  • $895,000 - For 6 new navigators and 4 new program officers for supporting newcomer arrivals and key immigration programs
  • $1.4 million - For settlement services in different communities across the province

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