Over 4,30,000 Newcomers to Enter Canada in 2022

by Mansi Sahai Published on 09/Sep/2022
Newcomers to Enter Canada in 2022

Immigration has always been the key driving force for Canada's economy and has been working on ramping up its annual immigration target up to 451,000 newcomers as permanent residents in 2024.

As per the data released by IRCC, Canada is expected to meet or even exceed its year's immigration target. So far, Canada has welcomed nearly 300,000 newcomers as permanent residents, which puts Canada well on track to exceed its immigration goal of 431,000 newcomers.

Moreover, Canada had also managed to process around 3.73 million temporary residency visa applications by the end of July this, compared to only 2.97 million visa applications at the same period last year.

Here are a few measure that has been recently announced by Canada's Immigration Minister, Hon. Sean Fraser:

  • Plan to recruit up to 1,250 workers to manage a record high number of applicants and reduce backlogs
  • Plan to modernize and streamline immigration operations for long-term sustainability
  • Plan to introduce new application status trackers for Canadian citizenship applicants as well as a few PR applicants for helping applicants get timely information
  • Plan to issue over 349,000 new work permits by 2022
  • Plan to approve over 216,000 applications under CUAET (Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel) for Ukrainians nationals

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