Popular Canadian PNP Pathways for Recent Graduates in Canada

by Mansi Sahai Published on 24/Jan/2023
Graduates in Canada

After finishing studies in Canada, a lot international students choose to stay there permanently. Gladly, Canada supports such international students and recent graduates in their decision and provide a lot of immigration options to help them stay after graduation. 

A lot of Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) target international students who have a valid post-graduation work permit (PGWP). Students who completed at least one year of study program from accredited Canadian institutions become eligible to apply for PGWP after completing graduate. 

However, they have only 90 days’ time to apply for the work permit after graduating. Upon getting PGWP approval, they qualify to live and work anywhere in Canada, which indeed is a great benefit for those who want to immigrate permanently to Canada. 

Following are the top PNPs for international student:


If you finished a post-secondary education of minimum 1 year in Alberta, then you may qualify for Alberta Post-Graduate Worker Stream. 

British Columbia

If you have finished a master’s or a doctoral degree in British Columbia, then you can for a provincial nomination apply under International Post-Graduate Category even without a job offer.


If you have finished a master’s or a doctoral degree in Ontario, then you can apply for provincial nomination under Ontario Masters & PhD Graduates stream.

Atlantic Provinces

The Atlantic provinces in Canada have a lot of study to stay programs under which the students get assistance throughout their studies in Canada, get career advice and a chance of getting professional training. Also, a lot of Atlantic provinces operate their own PNP streams which help overseas graduates apply for and obtain a permanent residence visa in Canada.

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