Reunite with your Spouse - Apply for Canada Spouse Visa

by Mansi Sahai Published on 10/Oct/2022
Reunite with your Spouse

The process and requirements to sponsor your partner for Canada PR is quite different from other visa categories. For spousal sponsorship Canada, you must understand the process.

For Canada spouse visa application, requirement like language proficiency, work experience and an educational qualifications are not compulsory parameters.

Let's talk about the requirements and process to become a sponsor in details via spousal sponsorship Canada.

What are the key requirements for spousal sponsorship Canada?

To sponsor their spouse or common law partner:

  • You must age minimum 18 years 
  • You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident or be registered as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act
  1. If you’re a Canadian citizen but lives outside Canada, then you must prove your plans to live in Canada as soon as your sponsored partner becomes permanent resident
  2. You cannot sponsor your spouse if you are a permanent resident but lives outside Canada
  • You must prove that you are not taking any social assistance from the government for any other reason except physical or mental disability
  • You must prove that you can fulfill basic needs of the person you are sponsoring
  • You must promise an undertaking to provide financial support to your family members sponsored  by you, starting from the day they become permanent residents 
  • You must repay any provincial social assistance that your family members receive in that duration

Additionally, you and your sponsored spouse must agree to a few responsibilities during their undertaking period, that is known as a sponsorship agreement.

This sponsorship agreement under spousal sponsorship Canada means:

  • you’ll support for the basic needs of your sponsored partner or spouse
  • the person you are sponsoring will make efforts to support themselves 
  • While applying, you’ll complete and sign a form including a sponsorship and undertaking agreement.

Here is a step wise process to sponsor your spouse via Canada spouse visa:

  • Gather the documents and fill the forms 
  • Pay your application fees that includes, Sponsorship fee, principal applicant processing fee and right of permanent residence fee and Biometrics Fee
  • Submit your application and along with required documents via regular mail or courier service 
  • Wait for your application processing 

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