Steps to Follow Upon Arrival as a Canada PR Visa Holder

by Mansi Sahai Published on 06/Dec/2022

We know how it feels when a long-lasting dream turns into a reality, how it feels when a person gets a due for their efforts invested in planning and preparing for an immigration journey to Canada. 

A lot of people out there aspire to immigrate to Canada for a better life. While those who successfully achieve their goals and obtained a Canada PR visa approval are curious about the aftermath, i.e., the process they must follow upon arriving in Canada. 

Here are a few simple and easy-to-understand steps, which one must follow upon arrival in Canada as a PR holder:

 Pay attention to post-arrival documentation

 Once you arrive in Canada, you must have the following:

  • A valid passport or other valid travel documents, which is a regular, private citizen passport. You can’t immigrate with a diplomatic, public affairs or government service passport
  • A Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and a permanent resident visa (if IRCC gave you one)
  • Proof of funds as evidence that you can support yourself and your accompanying family members (if any) after you arrive in Canada

 Meet the officer 

When you first arrive in Canada, you are required to meet Canada Border Services Agency's officer. that officer will:

  • Ensure that you are entering Canada before or on the expiry date as mentioned on your COPR
  • Ensure that you are the same person who got an approval to travel to Canada (for which, your biometrics is done)
  • Verify your passport and other travel documents
  • Ask you a few questions to ensure you meet the Canada immigration terms 

 Maintain truthfulness

 You will not be allowed to enter Canada if you provide a false or misleading information or you fail to convince the immigration officer that you meet Canada's admissibility conditions.

If you’re admissible and there are no issues upon your arrival, the officer will allow you to enter Canada as a PR visa holder and will confirm your mailing address in Canada where the IRCC will mail you the PR card.

Please note, in case you change your Canadian address within 180 days of arriving, you must inform the IRCC about the same via the web form.

 Disclosing the settlement funds

 If you arrive in Canada with an amount of more than CAN$10,000, then you must inform the CBSA officer about the same. If you fail to inform them, you will be fined, and your funds may get seized as well.

 Find immigrant services in Canada

 After your arrival in Canada, you can look for Canadian immigrant services that can help you better settle down in a new place and adapt to a new life as a newcomer in Canada.

A friendly and experienced settlement service provider can help you:

  • Find a job
  • Get a language assessment
  • Register for English or French language classes
  • Find a house to live
  • Fill out important forms and applications
  • Sign up your kids at a school
  • Learn about various community services

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