Visitors in Canada can now apply for Job until February 28, 2025

by Rajneesh Kumar Published on 17/Apr/2023
Visitors in Canada

Canada- the maple leaf country is a huge and diverse nation with plenty of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and welcoming people. From the cosmopolitan cities of Toronto and Vancouver to the rocky wasteland of Banff National Park, Canada has something to offer every tourist exploring the country on Canada Visitor Visa.

And now, you have got even more reasons to visit Canada on a visitor visa.  With a visitor visa, you can now apply for job and convert your Visitor status into Work permit holder based on the employment offer. As per the latest update, this temporary policy has been extended by the government of Canada until February 28, 2025.

Apply for Job on Canada Visitor Visa

In the midst of the recent global pandemic, the Canadian government has employed a unique and beneficial policy for visitors to Canada. This temporary public policy allows tourists or visitors who have a valid job offer to apply for and get a work permit without having to leave the country. It clearly reflects that visitors in Canada can now not only explore the beautiful maple leaf country, but also have the opportunity to earn a living while doing so.

The extension of this temporary public policy, offers a great opportunity for those interested in exploring Canada's culture, backdrops, and hospitality while acquiring valuable work experience. 

This policy not only benefits Tourists/visitors who can work and earn a living in Canada but also supports the economy of Canada by providing needed labour to businesses and employers in the country. Visitors who attain work permits can contribute to the growth and progress of this beautiful nation while enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So, if you've been planning a visit to Canada, now is the perfect time to take benefit of this exceptional opportunity. Apply for a visitor visa and discover all that Canada has to offer. Moreover, if you are able to get a job offer, don't hesitate to apply for a work permit and begin a new journey in the maple leaf country.

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